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Wedding of the Month

Kaleen & Tia Cooper

October 2, 1999

Featured in the November 1999 issue of the Kennedy Corridor Newsletter

Wedding Location: Union Temple Baptist Church

Reception Location: Prince Georges Ballroom

On October 2, 1999, the SABB crew was granted the honor of covering Mr. & Mrs. Kaleen Abdul Cooper's wedding in it's entirety. SABB captured every move on videotape and preserved every tear, smile, and glance to still photography. SABB was and in living color. Speaking of color, this was an afrocentric wedding right down to the jumping of the broom. The couple waved a one hundred year old doll, drank wine from a wooden ladle, and the best man carried a shield and a 6 foot spear to drums playing with authority off to the right. There was a mood of excitement, honor, and a feeling of togetherness all at once. There were expressions of wonder, pride, and admiration. It just felt good. This wedding was done with love and sincerity for the bride, groom, and their ROOTS!